Time to go hunting.

Posted: July 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

Writing has turned into some kind of mythological beast that I saw once while camping as a child. I know without a doubt that it exists. I’ve seen it. I got so close that I could smell the musk of it. I heard its low growling breath as it moved past me in the dark. Now all I can do is talk about that time I saw it and how one day I will find it again and somehow that will change not only the minds of those skeptics but my entire life.

I pretend to look for him. I peer around corners and talk to my friends about him. I look back at the last place I saw this magnificent being of power and promise and think about how difficult it would be to get back there. The world was so different for me then. I had time for grand adventures. Now I feel the weight of my responsibilities and it seems as though traipsing through the wilderness attempting to rediscover once held magic would distract from those things I have to do. Even with those thoughts I think I can hear him. He’s far away and entirely too lethargic from lack of attention but I am determined to find him.


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