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Posted: August 4, 2010 in True Story

It’s been a weird night. I went with my mom to visit my brother in the hospital. He had his second heart attack Monday but it sounds like he will be ok. We have a similar sense of humor so the whole time we were there the two of us made smartass comments and obscure references that only the two of us understood. It was actually kind of fun until the discussion turned to things like fishing and engine repair. At that point I played games on my phone until it was time to go.

My mom and I went out for a late dinner. The odd thing about this little outing is that my mother and I hadn’t spoken in about two months. For those of you not in the loop my wife and I recently decided to get a divorce. We are still good friends but we realized that we had not grown together as a couple but apart as individuals. I am currently still living in the house with her and the kids. My mother took my ex out to dinner and explained how I was worthless and didn’t have a real job. She then told the ex that she should throw me out because I was a freeloader with no future.

My mom still doesn’t understand why I’m upset.


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