Talladega Nights prevents childhood trauma

Posted: March 23, 2010 in True Story

Things have been wrong for a while now. There are weeks that we barely see one another and neither of us really seems to mind that. Last week we talked for a long time about what it is we want out of our relationship and our future. Neither one of us really had any good solutions to the problems we had been ignoring for over a year. Tonight I came home after an especially good day to find my wife still awake at 10:20 a rarity. She asked how my day was and I returned the polite banter until she said those dreaded words “can we talk”. Those are words that no one likes to hear no matter who you are. This was it. The conversation I had been dreading all week all the while knowing that it had to happen. For us to remain anything we had to do this.

We sat and talked for two hours about where things went wrong and how we had been feeling. The first 100% honest conversation in a very long time. There were no angry words exchanged and the only blame placed was upon ourselves. Halfway through the conversation our 12 year old son walks through the door and I know her heart dropped just as fast as mine did. He looked at us with a horrible mix of anger and confusion and said “I heard you say separation.” I told him to come sit by me and she moved to his other side. For the next fifteen minutes we cried and hugged and explained to the best of our abilities what was going on. After about an hour of talking he seemed pretty calm so we sent him back to bed. A little while later he came out to get some tissues and then went back to his room.

The moment I will always cherish in all of this is my emotionally battered and tear stained son looked up and us and in a small croaky voiced said “Yay, two Christmases!”

  1. homeslice says:

    is this a recent event, or something in the past? i’m hoping in the past. kids are priceless, though – when i told my youngest that by selling our house we would have a bit more money (meaning enough to actually get out of debt), she screamed, “YAY! Now we can go to Disneyland!”

  2. tommymadprophet says:

    Actually this happened last night after write club.

  3. Brady says:

    why is it happening

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