I found this in a folder tonight

Posted: December 3, 2009 in Non Fiction, True Story

My buddy Stevo and I have had several pop culture related websites over the years. Back in 2003 we opened wtfentertainment.com as a place to post things like movie reviews and the like. About a year after we opened neither of us were really writing anything with any regularity and the site kind of sat there, unused but looking fantastc (Stevo makes pretty websites). Around then I got the following e-mail.

“thiswillshockyou.com” <business@thiswillshockyou.com> wrote on 06/02/2004, 12:43:21 AM:
My name is Ryan from WTF Entertainment, LLC I find it very strange that your business name you guys go by is wtf entertainment when we are the legal registrants of that name.  I hate to give you this bad news but you cant just go around using any name you feel like using for your business. Please immediately stop using that name and  transfer  http://www.wtfentertainment.com  to us immediately. We take this problem very seriously and failure to work this out with us will result in us taking legal action. Thank you.

Ryan Canto

This wasn’t the first time an internet tough guy had threatened to sue us so I responded with all the social grace and legal knowhow I possesed.

Hi there Ryan from WTF Entertainment, LLC, my name is Tommy of absolutely no business whatsoever. I bought this as a personal web space quite a while ago. I don’t know, or care really, how long you’ve used the name but I do think its odd that your company is called WTF Entertainment yet your website is thiswillshockyou.com. I’ll tell you what, I’m not too terribly attached to the name or anything because, as I said, it was purchased to be a personal site so if it means that much to you to have the url, make me an offer. I will sell you the url but i’m not going to just give it to you because you made the school yard claim “I HAD IT FIRST!” More threats of legal action shall be met with open mockery.

Have a lovely day.

I then went on with my life and forgot about this. About a week later I got this.

“thiswillshockyou.com” <business@thiswillshockyou.com> wrote on 06/10/2004, 08:32:34 PM:
Tommy, I wasn’t trying to be a jerk in my last message so relax. It looks like to me as if you registered that name in hopes to sell it back to us for profit, which is very illegal. We will give you $10 for the domain and thats my final offer. Tommy, we may be a smaller company but what your doing is know different than if you registered  microsoftcorporation.com, its our legal business name not yours so by law we have rights to the domain, if you don’t believe me ask a lawyer. Something like this will end up costing you thousands of dollars if it goes to court so either do the right thing or we will have to take legal action. Thank you.


Now he had used his dizzying intellect and knowledge of the law to frighten me quite a lot. I of course answered immediately.

I guess I wasn’t very clear before, I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF YOU! I didn’t buy this to sell back to you, I bought this to be a personal web space. And yes, you were trying to be a jerk and still are with your talk of legal expenses. If I had ever heard of you maybe buying the name would have been illegal but as it is, you’re out of luck. I retract my offer to sell you the url, I think I’m gonna keep it. A friend and I have been working on some ideas for the space since we bought it but we’ve been too busy with life to do anything. And in case you’re wondering, I checked out your website and while I didn’t find it to my liking, I hope you’re doing well with it. Don’t worry, our site won’t have any kind of pornography on it so there isn’t any way we could be confused with you. My friend and I are pop culture junkies and the last site we owned (filmspies.com) was dedicated to reviewing movies and DVD’s. That’s pretty much what we plan to do with this site. Now that I’ve explained myself a little better I hope you can just stop bothering me, this is taking up valuable time I could be reading comics with.

hugs n kisses


I don’t know what happened but I never heard from him again. I didn’t mention to him that his copyright info says the site was (c)2004 while my site was registered 11/30/03.


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