I’m keep rock star hours

Posted: October 13, 2009 in Random

I am trying to get back on schedule. My weekends are kind of crazy as far as the hours I keep. This past weekend was pretty typical for me which is probably not a good thing. Let’s take a look at my schedule.

7:30 am – Get kids off to school
11:00am – Get to work
6:00pm – D&D game #1 shows up (6 players)
7:00pm – Friday Night Magic begins (we have 20 players for that)
8:00pm – Board gamers start arriving
8:30pm – D&D game #2 begins (6 players), board games are well underway (4-8 players over the course of the evening)
10:00pm – I play my first game of Elder Dragon Highlander (not my last)
4:00am – Collapse on sofa and sleep hard

8:30am – Wake up
10:00am – Open the store
6:00pm – Close the store and play D&D
2:00am – Get home and go directly to bed

9:30am – Wake up to the sounds of the Princess Bride. I watch that until I have to leave for work.
12:00noon – Even though my voice is completely gone I run Deadlands for three players.
5:00pm – Close the store
9:00pm – Finally go home after doing paperwork and restocking.

The only thing odd about this is I usually get out at 5pm on Sunday. I just had a few things to take care of. That brings me to today where I had what I can only describe as a gaming hangover. Its a good thing I don’t work on Mondays or I would be completely screwed.

I had planned to add more but I am tired and I have a mysterious pain in my left side that won’t go away. I should have some new stuff up at richmondcomix.com in the next couple of days though.


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