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Posted: October 6, 2009 in Non Fiction, Writing
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Tonight I spent a couple of hours with people much cooler than me. Most of them were 20somethings who are making a career out of writing for magazine and new media outlets. In other words, these are the people doing the jobs that I assumed I would be doing by the time I hit 30. Well here I am at 35 without a single professional writing credit and I am strangely okay with that.

RCXI work at Richmond Comix on Midlothian and I have never been happier. I write snippets about upcoming products and hype the stuff I like. Its almost like doing catalog work except I only talk about the stuff I like. At least that is the way it was until Sunday when I turned our simple and kind of boring website into a magazine style wordpress blog. As of right now I am the only writer on staff and that is a little scary. I have frequent bouts of self doubt that usually come coupled with some kind of anxiety fueled lethargy. I spend days watching TV shows I’ve seen a dozen times before and dwelling on what kind of failure I turned into.

No more I say! Tonight was the first meeting of Write Club RVA and the last time I remember being this excited about writing was in high school before real life kicked the desire to create right out of me. I have decided to fight back against this “real life” and write until my fingers bleed… or until I finish a project. Hopefully I’ll finish before my fingers start to bleed. I’m a bit of a sissy and that sounds like it might hurt.

This will be a personal blog where I write about nonsense and post pieces of things that I am trying to flesh out. Any feedback woulod be appreciated.


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